Firebot Update!

Since the previous article that was written about Firebot, there has been some significant updates to this amazingly versatile tool. There has also been some updates to the tutorial videos, and even some added ones.

For those of you that haven’t gotten this amazing tool yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? What they have recently upgraded has made it even easier to set up and migrate all your redeems, overlays, alerts, and It makes everything so much more streamlined. In my opinion it just makes sense to have this tool on your team to make streaming just that much more enjoyable and less “why the heck isn’t this working”.

There has also been a current misconception that you need to be affiliated (on Twitch) to use bots, this is not the case. This is what makes Firebot shine because it is often the case that streamers starting out, need a bit of a boost to be able to gain more followers. What better way to get more people engaged in chat than to be able to make the stream more interactive!
The many many tools that Firebot has integrated into it, make it soooo easy to be able to achieve it.
They even added a feature that, if you use Firebot, you can submit to showcase your stream on Firebots site itself. So that is another opportunity for people to come into your stream to learn and perhaps seasoned users to drop by and give you some tips! I would say that’s a “win, win” situation right there.
Without repeating myself in what the first article said, I shall leave it at that and encourage everyone to keep being awesome.
The potential that you have is only matched by the effort that you put in!

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