Bot suggestion for Twitch! The best one we’ve found so far……

We’ve all been there at the crossroads when we’re looking at what automated bots to use for our channels. There are so many to choose from that have their own perks and unique qualities. The questions that come to mind are:

  1. How easy is it to set up and create commands for my viewers/mods to use?
  2. Is it stable?
  3. Is there readily available support when I need it?
  4. Is it easily integrated into the platform that I use to stream content?

Well, we have one that tried in tested in both mine and Ramforths channel, that has proved itself time and time again to be an amazing asset to have. In regards to the questions above the answers to the questions are :

  1. Very easy
  2. YES
  3. YES
  4. YES

Ok ok I won’t delay anymore and go right into it.

What is the bot’s name? Firebot (click to be taken directly to the download site) And let me tell you it is an AMAZING tool. No longer will you have 3 different sources to pull shout-out’s, raid messages, sound alerts, follow and sub alerts. This bot is a self contained diamond in the rough. There is a discord for it and the moderators/members are always around to answer any questions that you might have.

There is also a whole Youtube video series done by one of the developers to help you set it up and do your own custom commands, alerts and shout out’s. The video’s are extremely easy to follow and I found that it was so easy just to follow along with heyaapl, pause, and do the same in your own Firebot. It is very user friendly and especially for someone with NO computer programming expertise (meaning myself of course) very easy to understand.

Of course, you have to add it as a source in OBS or whatever your using, but as soon as you’ve done that, added it as a mod in your channel, and clicked on the little power button you’ll be up and going in no time.

There is a couple of suggestions I do have, and that’s to make sure you have a bit of time to dedicate to learn and take your time to explore the many, many things you can do. If you are used to programming and that sort it should be almost second nature and the amount of customization is just absolutely amazing. The other is to make sure you deactivate all other services before activating Firebot so that you don’t get doubled up alerts. It’s so easy just to create a dedicated folder for everything you use in firebot as far as pictures, gifs, sound alerts, and music.

Do a favor and make it easier on yourself, get this bot and you’ll be glad you did! Plus with their own discord they actually have people that share their own setups so you can have a look at what others have done. There is never anyone but a message away so be sure and check it out, see if you like it (I know you will) and don’t forget that imagination with creativity is a HUGE plus.

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