Twitch opens for simulcast

During the TwitchCon 2023, Twitch officials announced that going forward – Twitch will allow simulcasting. This means streaming to other platforms (like YouTube, Trovo and Kick) at the same time and with the same content as you stream on Twitch.

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TLDR; Twitch allows streamers to stream to multiple platforms at one time, given we follow the rules.

For starting streamers, this could be good news.
Utilizing several platforms to grow your twitch following could absolutely be a good thing.

Of course, there are some caveats.

These are the rules for simulcasting, according to Twitch:

  • Ensure the quality streamed to Twitch (during simulcast) is at a minimum the same quality as any other service you stream to
  • Do not provide any links (or otherwise direct your audience) to the other platforms
  • Do not use third-party services that combine activity from other platforms on your Twitch stream during your simulcast. This includes merging chat from other services onto your Twitch stream.

If rules are not followed, you will receive a warning prior to any punishment(s) towards your Twitch channel.

The entire article can be read here.

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