About us

Welcome, dear friend

To the Cafeterium website.
A place where we want to make a space for content creators, and audiences, to share knowledge, good vibes, help and positivity.

The Content Creator life

This website was started as an idea from our Discord, where we started connecting with a lot of very awesome people – content creators. It started with a network of friends on Twitch but has later extended far beyond that platform. We have creators that use all sorts of platforms and social media. More than I can name off the top of my head.
The thing all these fantastic people have in common, apart from being absolutely awesome is that they mostly run their creative businesses alone.
And to run such a gig alone can be very hard. Most of us know that. It is often more taxing than we admit to ourselves.
I know many friends that have felt this, and I have felt it in person.
But we do not have to go it alone.
Most of us have friends that “work” with us as moderators, mentors, cheerleaders. And that is truly a fantastic concept. Keep doing that.
This space will never replace what you already have. But we will try to make it an addition.

The Cafeterium Collective

The actual idea of a collaborative space for content creators started as the brainchild of @hober_mallow, @kim-davis and @ramforth while starting as streamers on Twitch in early 2021. Since then we have spoken to a lot of content creators around the world. And many of them point to platform specific “Teams” as the most relevant alternative to this idea.
Well, when the idea was conceived – none in our little group of streamers had the following to start a Team. Most of us still don’t.
But that Team-spirit thing we heard about became the seed that grew into the Cafeterium Discord. And later, as we see that Discord is great for conversation – it is rubbish for retaining information.
So we started a website – to collect and share tips, how-to’s and anything else we want to keep at one place.
In addition, we want to grow this into a multi-connected site that shares to all major social media networks, and can interact with your followers even more efficiently than we have been able to do before.
For this to grow into what we initially envisioned, we need your ideas.

What does it cost?

In short, nothing.
As long as this is a community driven website, and the content is created mostly by us users – it’s free for all.

What is required of a user?

Participate if you can, and want. There should be no pressure to contribute to another platform. We know that you have enough with what drives you as content creators.
But we will welcome any content that you may want to share, and tips for content that others may want to create. But most important – IDEAS.
You’re a creative bunch of people. Possibly the best minds for new thinking – in the world.
And your ideas can help lift this community to unknown heights! Please share with us, and we will try to make it happen!