Digital Art!

As a streamer on Twitch, we often get hung up on how we can create a unique look for our channels and for some it is a wall of sorts as to how. Well my friends it really isn’t that hard to create yourselves. There are some fantastic programs that are out there, some of them even have pre made templates, images, backgrounds, and different brush tools for you to be able to let your imagination run wild!

Some of the programs are completely FREE such as:

There are many different ways to create across many different devices. Some prefer an IPAD from Apple with Procreate and while that is an awesome program that has pretty much cornered the digital art making the device itself is often quite a hit to the pocket and some of us just don’t have that extra money to be spending.

I myself use a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet with a stylus pen specifically made for digital art. I also have a Wacom one tablet that hooks up to the pc but doesn’t have a screen so what you create comes up on the computer screen but is definately something to get used to as you cannot see what you are drawing unless your looking up at the screen. The pen pressure with the pen does show on the Wacom but again it’s all up to how much you are willing to spend on what you want to learn.

Of course if you don’t want to create them yourselves there is also another option of using different services within different platforms to get someone to create for you using your ideas and colour schemes. Do make sure that you have somewhat of an idea of what you want though as it is easier for someone to create something when they have a base of sorts. There might be someone in our community that may be able to help you with design so never be afraid to ask for help! The services that I know of consist of:

If you have anymore insight or comments please feel free to leave them below as learning is a part of growing and who doesn’t like learning???

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