Starting up with Garry’s Mod

Some in our community likes to play Garry’s Mod, and in particular – Trouble in Terrorist Town.
Just now, as I am writing this intro to @hober_mallow’s guide to make it work – GMod is on sale on Steam.
Hober_Mallow made a guide for us all, in case we want to join up and have a few laughs with this game. Hope to see you there!

Cafeterium TTT how to get Garry’s Mod and download Trouble in Terrorist Town:

  1. Buy Garry’s Mod game:
  2. download YogTTTLite from the workshop collections
  •  Open up Gmod and wait for workshop items to be fetched / updated / downloaded
  1.  Close Gmod
  2. download
  3. Install the CSS folder into the Gmod Addons Folder:
  • Open Gmod, click “Game” at the bottom and make sure Counter Strike Source is ticked

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