Welcome to our cozy content creators collaboration that is known as The Cafeterium. Feel free to explore all the options available for you to share, create and keep in touch with fellow creators whether new or known.

This website was created so that we can all share experiences, tips, information, and to of course expand all of our knowledge on some aspects of content creation that we might not be currently aware of.

Some of us would like to learn different aspects of creation whether it be editing video, creating something like a background, making an emote or something as simple as lighting. Feel free to share with your fellow creators anything you may think helpful. As all of us are within ourselves creators of one form or another this is a chance to use it as a mashing of minds for a common goal, to create what you want and be able to reach out for insight.

You will meet new friends and more than likely learn things you never thought maybe possible within your own creating. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Learning is a constant part of this world and we are happy that your here to experience it.

Now IMAGINE what you what your content to be and GO GO GO! Create away!

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